UCD 1: recommended text books

Recommended textbooks

STAGE 2 MEDICINE [1st year medicine]


1. ‘Clinical Oriented Anatomy’ by Keith L.Moore ,Arthur F.Dalley

a. The ususal recommended text for anatomy

b. Usually ask for ‘mama’ versions, as it had many versions

c. ‘mama’ version is well detailed and has lots diagrams accompanying with the texts

d. Anatomy is taught quite detail in the classes so usually there is no need to refer much to books to understand

2. ‘Clinical Moore’ by Keith L.Moore, Anne M.R. Agur

a. Known as ‘baby’ moore

b. Very good book during exams as it is simplified version than above book and contains all essential details and points.

c. May not contain many materials for extra reading

3. ‘Atlas of Human Anatomy’ by Netter,Frank

a. Very good book

b. To get bigger and clearer pictures

c. Essential book to visualise and understands the content of lectures well

d. Will be used for the first 3 semesters

e. Best bet to studying this book would be during dissections when students can compare the diagrams to the cadavers

However, if you do not bring during class time, the library had copies for it. However it is library’s book, not us.

-àRecommended to purchase either 1 or 2, AND 3.


1. ‘Langman’s Medical Embryology’ by Sadler, T.,W., Thomas Williams

a. Very small book with great amount of detail

b. Not very easy to understand given, probably read topics as related to lecture notes.

2. Human Embryology by Larsen, William J.

a. Occasionally used in lectures, but not as popular as first book.

b. Can be found in library, detailed, not hard to understand

c. Some students prefer reading notes than using either book

Recommended to purchase either 1 or 2.


1. ‘Wheather’s Functional Histology’ by Young Barbara

a. Widely used throughout first two years

b. Essential to understanding diagrams

c. It is best to have your own copy for personal reading, reference and understanding

d. Pictures are labelled and explained

-àRecommended to purchase


1. ‘Vander’s Human Physiology’ by Eric P.Widmaier, Hershel Raff , Kevin T.Strang

a. Good book and favourite book

b. Personally used it and found it good and for better understanding. Easy to understand.

c. Also used up by lecturers for preparing notes

2. ‘Physiology’ by Costanzo , Linda S.

a. Not many copies in the library

b. Contains great amount of details and explainations are clear and easy to understand

-àRecommended to purchase either 1 or 2


1. ‘Principles Of Medical Biochemistry’ by Gerhard Meisenberg , William H.Simmons

a. the current recommended for biochemistry

b. most lecture notes are based on this book and hence very easy to read back and reference

c. limited copies in library

àRecommended to purchase

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