RCSI The Introduction

Article prepared by Sis Aisyah Rahman,RCSI.

First thing first, congratulation to all of you who’ve made it through!...In our assumption, you all prolly must have known a little bit about RCSI (or a lot because you study them for the interview). So here are just some additional pieces of informations that we hope would help.

There are two separate building not including the library. Roughly, there is Stephen Mall next to it, and Stephen Green Park is in front of it. City centre would be about 10 minutes walk which you will pass trough Grafton Street (the most expensive outlet rental in the Europe).

Going interiorly, first of all, of course, the lecture theatre. The lecture theatre that is use throughout the your existence in RCSI building is O’Flanagan. It is the largest one filled by students from Malaysia, Canada, Middle East, Trinidad and Tobago, EU and quite few from Ireland itself.

Secondly, you’ll need to know where the anatomy lab is. This is where you’ll dissect cadavers within groups with assigned prosectors. There are around 16 tables and each table would have around 8 members. Anatomy will be first taught in lecture hall then alternately, groups will proceed to the lab.

Thirdly, there will be tutorials for clinical competencies module. Most of the time, the tutorials will be held at Tutorial Room 6. This is located at the other building. You’ll need to first sign up at the porter. If you are not sure where, just ask him, he’ll be delightful to help insyaAllah. Other tutorial rooms are in the main building surrounding the theatre and only one is isolated (TR 5).

Next would be the computer lab. Not too far away (as the building itself is small), and you will need your student ID to gain access. Computer lab is mostly use to print lecture notes or just to past the time.

To use the printers, you will have to top-up you ID card (easily done), there are only one printer though in the computer lab. No worries, there are few other places you can print them out, if you use the desktop in the lab to print, the info is interlink by other printers which is located in a room between student hangout area and the gym (2), and also in the library (will explain later).

There is also newly renovated prayer room at the front part of the building. Inside, there is ablution area and telekongs are provided as well. On Friday, girls are suggested to pray at Friendship Room (next to the prayer room) because all parts of the prayer room will be use for Jumaat prayer.

In case you are hungrraayy, RCSI have lovely halal restaurant on the first floor, AK Henry. They serve bfast/lunch meal, sandwiches, soups and pastries. For the sandwiches counter, you will order like you’ll do in Subway and don’t forget to request for Halal Prep because the also serve non-halal meat for everyone else.

There is also coffee dock downstairs where the also sell pretty much the same thing but with larger hangout area. Outside, there are fast food restaurant near to the library which you’ll prolly master in no time. The nearest are K-klub, Wakin Noodle, Sufi’s cafe, or Momo’s.

Not to forget, the library! This is situated close by at another building behind. It’s called Mercer Library and Mercers’ residency is inside the same compound. You’ll need you ID card to enter and there is another computer lab here as well as 2 printer room. Rooms can be booked for discussion at the counter. The pantry is just opposite to the main entrance as well as toilet.

Then, on the first semester, there’ll be a medical check-up for everyone which will be alerted through emails. This is done at the Mercer Medical Centre which is just a few walk ahead from the library. If you are inneed to see a doctor, you’ll need to make an appointment first.

Lastly, if your laptop malfunction or you lose or broken your ID card, you will need to go to the IT department which is at the other building where Tutorial Room 6 is but it is on the 4th floor.

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