Dublin Business School

Assalamualaikum wrt.

Wanna know about DBS??

- Established in 1975, Dublin Business School (DBS) is Ireland's largest independent third level college
Mm..what’s so special about DBS?

-First, it is not a medical school! From the name itself, DUBLIN BUSINESS SCHOOL, kinda gives you a rough idea on what school it is, right?

It is not just for business students, there are other courses available as well

-Business and Management
-Information and Technology
...and many more!

You have choices to either be a full time student or part-time student (you can find extra money by working part time, especially for those who are self sponsored)
-From experiences, you can work in accountancy firms, as cashier in shopping mall, baby sitter etc.
-Study hard and smart during weekdays, and beware! No procrastination in any assignments or studies! have a good time management..

DBS prepares students for the workplace, maintaining competitive and a ‘smart economy' and plays a valuable part in the holistic development of the person. They also provide students on essential skills such as communication skills, planning, leadership, multi-tasking etc.


-Dublin Business School, a private institute, is located just 10-minutes walk to the city centre - makes your life easy! (groceries, shopping, halal food restaurants, tourisms, etc)
-hungry in the middle of the lecture? No worries, there is a restaurant, located at the underground level..nyummy lasagna, burger, spaghetti, omelette ..all are halal!

-Other choices of food are avaliable nearby, Wok In noodles, Zaika restaurants, Milkshake bar, Buttler’s chocolate shop and many more. But if you are planning to save your money, make a quick n simple home-made food to school by yourself

-Libraries, good book references and computers for extra infos on your studies, shhh..quiet plezz,it’s library…;)

-Musolla? mm..there is no prayer room in DBS as compared to other universities, BUT this is your chance to experience to pray in the middle of book shelves (in the library) or in the changing room in the shopping mall nearby.. without your telekung too! just wear as complete as you close your aurat to school, take wudhu’ in the washroom and pray! Islam is as simple as that.. Those experiences that you won’t get in Malaysia, because prayer rooms and masjid are all over the place.

-Gym? You can find them nearby, just a few minutes walkfrom DBS, but the gymnasium are not under DBS facilities.. You can pay choose to pay for a fortnight,or monthly or yearly.. Have a good stamina instead of reading books for 24 hours! Be a healthy person!

-Feeling bored studying? You have many choices of student organization that you can join, all the outdoor and co-curricular activities are available.

-DBS is located just 5 minutes walking from Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland, if u wanna socialize with medic students =)

You can either walk from your house, or cycle or go to school by bus(you can buy a monthly ticket, with student price!)

-Prepare your heart and minds to survive in overseas (but no worries, we seniors are welcoming you, do ask us for any helps)
-Prepare all the documents required by the college
-Don’t forget to do your GARDA card (DBS students are quite complicated compared to other students, because they need to wait for confirmation from the college before they could proceed to make the GARDA card, so, make sure to do it early!)

Any other inquiries, you can go to this website : http://www.dbs.ie/
or don’t hesitate to ask from seniors as well!

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