Trinity College Dublin - Transportation and FOOD ;)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

There are 3 ways to get to campus from halls:

1. Bus

If you are willing to walk to Rathmines town (~15-20 mins walk) you can take buses 14, 14A, 15, 15A. There is a bus that stops right outside halls: bus 128. Most people take this one. If you take the bus, the journey itself is usually about 20-30 minutes during off-peak hours. However, the buses come less frequently off-peak.


LUAS is like LRT but it runs on street level. There are 2 lines in Dublin city: Green (Southside) and Red (Northside). Since halls and Trinity are on the Southside, you would be taking the Green line.
The nearest stop for halls is Milltown (about 15 mins walk). You take the LUAS to the last stop, St Stephen's Green, and walk from there to Trinity (~10 mins). The whole journey takes about 20 mins.
Basically, both services cost about the same. People who don't really like walking very far usually take the bus I think.

3. Foot

It’s possible to walk. It takes about 45 minutes. I suppose it's ok to walk in autumn but in winter it would be quite terrible (rain, wind, cold etc).
The walking route people take is the one followed by the bus.


It is most convenient to cook. You can get halal chicken easily from halal shops. there is one in Rathmines, which is the nearest to the Halls. The price is relatively cheap and insyaAllah it will be much more cheaper than eating outside. You just need some willpower and a little bit of cooking skills! There is also Asian foodstores, known as Oriental Emporium. This is the place to get materials such as rempah, maggi, kicap, sos cap megi, rare materials such as pandan leaves, serai, fish and shrimps, coconut milk and many more. Nevertheless, eating out is still an option. There are not many halal food restaurants around, but you can still get them nonetheless. I personally think that the price is relatively cheaper in UK than in Ireland.

Malaysian Community

In Ireland, we have quite a big malaysian community, especially in Dublin and most of them are students. We also have many Malaysian doctors as well. During Eid celebration, we usually gather at the malaysian hall to celebrate with fellow malaysians and feel the Eid atmosphere. As for the malaysian community in our university, as mentioned before, it is quite small as there are not many malaysian students in TCD. However, there are two societies that are usually being participated by the malaysians; they are the muslim student association (along with the other muslims) and south east asian society (with other asians).

What to prepare

Same with other uni, buy related books [depends on the course, u can ask seniors about this] it is better to buy books from Malaysia. Passport and relevant letter [eg offer letter etc].

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