Trinity College Dublin - Introduction

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Founded in 1592 by letters patent from Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university of Ireland and its best ever. Since it is an ancient university, expect those streams of tourists from all over the world, almost all-year round. If you’re one of those who love the ranks, Trinity is 52nd in QS World University Rankings 2010 (Wohoo, not bad eh?). Not only that, the School of Medicine is celebrating our Tercentenary (300 years; 1711-2011, that’s how old we are! *clap..clap..*) this year, so a lot of activities have been going to celebrate such achievement. Located 7 minutes from the heart of Dublin and a minute from the famous pedestrian walk of Grafton Street, you’ll find the surroundings as charming and lively.

Worried on how you’ll get by the new surroundings and all? Don’t worry, we have the first week of the academic year for Freshers' Week (before all those gruesome lectures). The university will offer you official orientation sessions covering introduction to university life and services, computer access, including Library and Sports Centre tours. Yet, there are so many clubs and societies out there opening their booths promoting the activities. Rock climbing, shooting, South East Asian, Islamic Society, the Students Union - It all depends on you to decide which of those might suit yourself. (You’ll have us as well to boss you … err… to help you of course!!!)

There is a prayer room located at Gold Smith Halls [nun jauh disana] It is the only prayer room in Trinity and we Malaysians call it ‘Gua Thur’ (Trinity and all the mystics and mysteries surrounding them). Even though it might sound far, the new building of School of Medicine will be up and running next term and they’re quite near to each other, as well as other Sciences faculties (now that tells you about Muslims students here. Yes, most of us are Science students but there are students from other faculties as well).

Have we told you about our magnificent Sports Centre? It has a 25 metre, 6 lane swimming pools with a floating floor, a large fitness theatre with over 60 exercise stations, an 11 metre high climbing wall, a fitness studio and a spin studio, sauna and steam room and two large sports halls. Outdoor facilities on campus include Croquet Lawn, Tennis Courts, Rugby, Soccer and Cricket pitches along with a running track in the summer. Off campus there are extensive playing fields at Santry and the Trinity Boat Club has its boathouse on the River Liffey at Islandbridge. (All these from the TCD website, of course! You guys should check it out.) Not only that, we have superb Science gallery, numerous Arts galleries and the famous Book of Kells.

Compared to both RCSI and UCD, entrance of Malaysian students in Trinity every year is in a small number, and they’re usually under government sponsorship [MARA + JPA] for both Medicine and Dentistry courses. For example this year, we have 13 meds and dentistry first years combined. However, there are still opportunities for those pursuing post grads education here in under subjects as well, and Trinity is famous as the central hub of research in Ireland.

Malaysian students are always given the spot in Trinity Hall but you can also opt to live with Malaysian, Irish or International students as well around Dublin. (However, First year students under MARA are obliged to stay in the Trinity Hall).

Non EU students can apply as soon as they have confirmed acceptance of an offer of a place in Trinity College and have received their Trinity ID number. You may choose your roommates (two singles spacious bedroom) if you know their full name and student number. And you can stay there for maximum 2 years. The rent for halls usually goes in every term. You can leave before the next term starts (better for you bank account) but you must give the accommodation office at least 1 month's notice and it helps if you can find people willing to take your spot. If you decide to leave before the term is over, they won't refund your money.

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